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  Devotional & Doctrinal Documents

The Board of Education and Publications of the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC) was directed to make available various papers presented in the past and also to continue the ongoing process of posting recent works. The list you see below is that list.

Please be aware that these documents hold no official status in the CLC. None should be used to determine the doctrinal stance of the CLC. These are listed as reference and as resources to those interested in the topics presented. If you are interested in the official stand of the CLC, go to for such official documents.

If the documents listed here raise any questions, please contact the chairman of the Board of Education and Publications, Pastor David Naumann
or President Pastor Michael Eichstadt

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Title Author Date
1 25 Years - Reflections and Projections clergy members
2 A Brief History of the CLC's Work for Him in India David Koenig
3 A Brief History of the NCLC David Koenig
4 A Call to Recommitment Elton A Hallauer
June 20, 1994
5 A History of The CLC Michael Buck
October 18, 1978
6 A History of The CLC C M Gullerud
7 A Red Herring in The WELS Fellowship Doctrine Bertram J Naumann
September 2006
8 A Report in Questions and Answers
August 21, 1959
9 A Statement of Our Reasons for Leaving the WELS St Paul's Austin, MN
10 AAL and ELS/WELS John Lau
March 1993
11 Admonition and Romans 16 E Reim
12 An Analysis of Current CLC Problems - AAL G A Barthels
April 12, 1983
13 Application of Fellowship Principle in Interpersonal Relationships D Fleischer
June 24, 1979
14 Can Two Walk Together Except They Be Agreed G Radtke
15 Clergy and Laity Roland Gurgel
August, 1962
16 Commentary on a Convention Resolution David Lau
17 Communing Together
18 Complete Agreement in Doctrine and Practice Joel N Krafft
May 24, 1997
19 Continuing To Convey the Founding Principles of Our Church Body Wayne Mielke
June 11, 1995
20 Differences Between The CLC and Other Synods John Lau
July 9, 1995
21 Differences Disturbing the Peace Within The Synodical Conference MN Dist Ev Lutheran Joint Syn Wis & other states
July 1954
22 Divine Call And Termination Of The Call
23 Doctrinal Differences between the CLC and WELS C M Gullerud
October 1978
23 Essays on Origins Dr. David Menton
October 1978
24 Evangelism Arvid Gullerud
July 12, 1982
25 Excommunication and Termination of Fellowship L Schierenbeck
January 24, 1961
26 Exegetical Differences on Romans 16:17-18 C Kuehne
February 28, 1989
27 Fortieth Anniversary of the CLC L W Schierenbeck
June 19, 2000
28 Freedom and Form Rollin A. Reim
29 Hard Sayings Paul F Nolting
30 How to Be Both Confessional and Ecumenical John Schierenbeck
November 3, 1981
32 Launching and Pursuit of Foreign Missions by Orthodox Lutheranism David Koenig
33 Lest We Forget Paul F Nolting
33b Madson Installation Sermon, 02/19/1961 (PDF) Madson, Norman A 
February 19, 1961
33c Madson Installation Sermon, 10/20/1957 (MP3) Madson, Norman A 
October 20, 1957
33d Madson Sermon at Immanuel, Mankato, 12/30/1956 (MP3) Madson, Norman A 
December 30, 1956
34 Matthew 18:17 and Excommunication Journal of Theology CLC
June 1961
35 Nigeria Year Assessment
February 17, 2003
36 On the Clarity and Authority Of This Passage Romans 16:17 Paul Nolting
September 25, 1957
37 Questions and Answers St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church David Schierenbeck
February 14, 1999
38 Recommit Ourselves to Hold Fast To Sound Doctrine John Lau
June 20, 1994
39 Report of The Floor Committee No. 2 on Doctrinal Matters
40 Restore Unto Us The Joy Of Salvation G A Barthels
July 12, 1977
41 Review of CLC Position Against WELS David Lau
March 24, 1963
42 Should The Norwegian Synod Now Lift Its Suspension Of Fellowship With The Missouri Synod Arthur E Schulz
February, 1957
43 Stand Still Go Forward Egbert Albrecht
July 9, 1984
44 Statement of Reasons for Presenting Substitute Resolutions Loren C Borgwardt
45 Steven Karp Letter of Resignation Steven Karp
November 19, 1998
46 Temptations that Specifically Confront the Orthodox Martin Galstad
April 20, 1955
47 Ten Questions E Hallauer
February 25, 1964
48 Ten Years of Grace M J Witt, L D Redlin
July 7, 1970
49 Termination of Fellowship with Church Bodies CLC Board of Doctrine
50 The Blessings and Benefits of Synodical Membership Thomas Schuetze
June 2, 1992
51 The Call of Public Servants L W Schierenbeck, David Lau
June 20, 1989
52 The Church Is Supported Financially By Gifts G Radtke
October 2, 1990
53 The Danger Of Emphasizing The Act Of Faith Robert Mackensen
1963 revised 1977
54 The Deepening Wedge of Error Yearbook Grace Church Sleepyeye, MN
55 The Leprosy of Unionism Updated/edited by Daniel Fleischer,
56 The Love in Romans 16:17-18 C Kuehne
June, 1974
57 The Macedonian Miracle Robert Reim
58 The Means of Grace David R. Naumann
June 17, 1996
59 The Relationship of the Defense of the Truth Vance Fossum
September 2001
60 The Status Controversiae in The Synodical Conference E Schaller
April, 1958
61 The Third Use of the Law Paul F Nolting
62 The Virtue of Christian Sobriety E Schaller
August 8, 1968
63 The Vital Role of Christian Education Carl M. Thurow
June 26, 1983
64 There Is Still a Difference John Lau
June, 1982
65 Theses and Anti-Theses of 16 and 17 Paul F Nolting
66 Things to Guard Against in Our Approach Toward Re-Alignment Edmund Reim
May 6, 1958
67 Three Essays on Romans 1:16 CM Gullerual, R Gurgel, J Schierenbeck
July 12, 1976
68 Thy Word is Truth C M Kuehne
69 Voices from The Past John Lau
March 1992
70 We Appreciate the Means of Grace (B&W) John Ude
June 17, 1996
71 We Appreciate the Means of Grace (color) John Ude
June 17, 1996
72 We Recommit Ourselves to the Mission of the Church Bruce J. Naumann
June 20, 1994
73 We Wholeheartedly Subscribe To the Lutheran Book of Concord Marlin Beekman, Gordon Radtke, David Lau
July 10, 1978
74 WELS and CLC-How Do They Differ? Bruce Naumann
September 2003
75 WELS-ELS and the CLC John Ude
76 What are the Teachings of Modern Day Lutheranism Mark Gullerud
February 25, 1996
77 What Christ’s "Follow Me" Implies N A Madson Sr
September 16, 1958
78 What Did It Once Mean to Be a Lutheran David Lau
79 What Is Troubling the Church C M Gullerud
May 14, 1959
80 What Separates the CLC from WELS Paul Albrecht
January, 1962
81 What The Bible Teaches Concerning The Church
82 Why Many in Lutheranism Have Lost the Historic Teachings Paul Tiefel Jr
February 1996
83 You Have One Master The Christ W Schaller jr
84 Why do you call yourself Lutheran - a Luther Biography (Powerpoint Download) Kathryn Ubl
June 2016