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  Youth & Young Adult Events  
  Camp Koyquin Youth Camp Pillager, MN
For campers entering grades 5th – 12th                
Held every other year (even years)
Contact Nick Stelter & Alana Ahrens   ikurus@hotmail.com or alanaahrens@yahoo.com
Website http://www.ilc.edu/activities/clcactivities.htm

  CLC Activities
  Ambassador Camp (Est. 2005)                            
For young men & women ages 14-21                    Sanborn Park Hostel - Saratoga, CA
Held every other year, mid to late summer - Northern California
Host - St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Mountain View, CA
Contact  Pastor Neal Radichel & Camp Administrator Kris Arndt ambassador@sslcwest.org
Website www.sslcwest.org/ambassador/
  ILC Sports                       
ImmanuelHigh School, Eau Claire, WI
Contact  Ross Roehl ross.roehl@ilc.edu
Website http://ilc.edu/lancers/index.html
  Arts Camp (Est. 1995)
For 5th – 8th graders of the CLC (SD, ND, NE, MN, & WI solicited, others definitely welcome!)
Held annually – Usually the last weekend in Sept, starting on Friday pm & ending Saturday eve
Location - Immanuel Lutheran Church, Mankato, MN or Faith Lutheran Church, Markesan, WI
Contact  Kristen Friedrichs (Mankato) jkfriedrichs@yahoo.com 
Website  http://www.ilc.edu/activities/clcactivities.htm

Roughrider Youth Camp, Jamestown, ND

  CLC (Campers Loving Christ) Youth Camp  (Est. 1978)
For campers entering 5th – 9th grade
For pre-campers ages 5-9 (half day program)
Held every other year, opposite Koyquin, same year as Youth Conference (odd years)
Location -  Immanuel Lutheran College and High School, Eau Claire, WI
Contacts  Nick Stelter and Alana Ahrens ikurus@hotmail.com ; alanaahrens@yahoo.com
Website http://youthcamp.clclutheran.net/
  Grade School Basketball Tournaments (Est. 1985)
For grade school aged basketball players from the CLC
Held every year – March
Location -  Immanuel Lutheran College and High School
Contacts  Ted Quade and Mark Kranz messiahrams@juno.com, mark.kranz@ilc.edu
Website http://www.ilc.edu/activities/clcactivities.htm

Pacific Coast Camping Trip (Joint Trip since 2006)
For campers entering 6th grade and up
Held every year, usually the first full week of August
Location - Campers travel from Vernon, B.C. or Lynnwood, WA to various camping or backpacking locations in Washington or Canada
Hosts - CLC churches of Vernon, B.C. and Lynnwood, WA.
Contacts Pastors Dave Reim Calebjohn.schaller@gmail.com & Caleb Schaller reimtime@shaw.ca


Whitewater (Est. 1999)
For young men and women in high school and college
Once at the beginning of the year – last weekend in January
Location - Whitewater State Park – near Rochester, MN
Host - Immanuel Lutheran Church Ambassadors, Mankato, MN
Contact  Pastor Wayne Eichstadt   wayne.eichstadt@immanuelmankato.org
Church Website  http://www.ilc.edu/activities/clcactivities.htm


Youth Conference (Est. 2000)
For young men & women entering high school through sophomore year of college
Held every other year (odd years)
Location - Variable (Colorado, Tennessee in the past)
Host - Immanuel Lutheran Church, Mankato, MN
Contacts Pastors Paul Nolting paul.nolting@immanuelmankato.org
& Wayne Eichstadt wayne.eichstadt@immanuelmankato.org